Bluestriped Grunt (63k) Gray snapper (30k)
Pictures of Bonaire

taken on or under it.

The idea of this homepage is to share visual impressions with other divers or with people who do not dive but want to know or even see what is going on under the surface of the oceans.
Bonaire is located north of Venezuela in the Caribbean sea. Bonaire belongs to the so called ABC Island (Aruba, Bonaire Curacao). It is well known for its beautiful dive sides.
The slides are taken by my girlfriend and me. You can select the thumbnails to get a larger image of the picture.

How to take pictures

Bonaire Plate (32k) You can see the term Divers paradise even on the number plates of the cars on Bonaire. Pink Beach (44k) This is pink beach. A nice bathing and diving side.
It is called pink beach because the sand seems to be bright pink.
Queen Angelfish (75k) Macro shot of the Queen angle fish  
Giant Sponge (88k) Flying Bird (36k) Bougainvillae (47k) Bonaire sunset (44k)

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